Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ!!! God Bless You


We are a Christian organization in association with all countries around the world and especially in Europe to share donations of money to all the needy people in need of making good use of this gift of money and bear witness to the Glory of the eternal God.
Thus, we invite all poor or needy people above all to offer themselves this opportunity to grow what he will receive from us so that we can witness once again the goodness of Christ and be able to relieve his own misery and that of his neighbour so for all those who are interested in his offers is asked to write to us so that together we may reduce for a time the scourge that undermines the planet earth.
May the Almighty Lord God fill you with His Wisdom and all its blessings. Amen!!!
You can contact us directly at:rubyparaton17@gmail.com



TEL: +33755914079